Wedding packages begin at $350.  

This rate includes the following:

- Prelude music while guests are arriving and being seated.  
This pre-ceremony music is often a mix of classical, romantic, and contemporary pieces.
- All music desired during your wedding ceremony.  
This is customized to each individual bride's taste and style, and usually includes: Seating of the Mothers, Recessionals, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, Recessional, and any other desired music.
- Recessional music while guests are leaving
- Personal consultation to discuss your music choices, as music can be customized to match any style.  Ashley takes special song requests and can learn any song for your special event.

If you wish to add harp music for your cocktail hour or reception, it is $100 per hour for each additional hour of music after the ceremony ends.  Extra fees may also be added on for distance from Seattle, wedding rehearsals, rehearsals with a vocalist or other musician, etc.  

Please contact Ashley directly with questions about rates and details.